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Program Spotlight: Graphic Media Management

Pat Klarecki shares his thoughts on the Graphic Media management Program:
There is nothing like being part of a growing, changing, and diverse industry that has the power to influence people and the choices they make. That is what the graphic media industry is all about. What started as print, or ink on paper hundreds of years ago has evolved into a science and technological business unlike any other. What other business brings together some of the most creative visual images, with some of the most technological systems and processes to solve a range of communication challenges that range and are delivered via a multitude of different media. 
Students are attracted to Graphic Media Management in the College of Business Marketing Department for several reasons. Some have experienced the thrills of creating and producing graphic images and products during their high school experiences. Maybe they worked on the school newspaper or yearbook or took graphics or advertising design classes. Others have come into Graphic Media Management because they enjoy being part of a graphics industry or they do not  know the potential for success or the level of diversity in talent required in the industry. And then there are those that are pulled into the College of Business because they know the US economy is reliant upon business, but do not know what segment they want to begin a career in.
The Graphic Media Management program has been at Ferris for nearly 50 years. Until recently it was know as Printing Management and was part of the College of Technology. With over 1,000 alumni world wide, graduates of the GMAN program are highly sought and paid for their broad business knowledge and their industry focused knowledge of processes and systems. Ferris GMAN grads are currently CEO’s or senior managers of small, medium and large graphics companies. Some are very highly compensated to use their relationship skills in sales to solve complex costumer problems. Some graduates tend to gravitate towards project management and customer relationships, while others have found great success and demand for their technical skills including; computer networks systems, graphic image editing and manipulations,  cost estimating and purchasing. The bottom line is that the graphics industry is one of the worlds largest industries that needs a very wide range of motivated and talented people doing a variety of things to keep it growing and moving forward.
Employers from around the USA know a Ferris Graphic Media Management graduate will have the solid foundation, knowledge, and hands on skills of graphics processes, principles and unique business characteristics to fit in where they are needed. Most graduates are employed prior to graduation while almost all graduates are employed within six months of graduation. The starting salaries range from $34,000 a year to $48,000 a year. The most recent alumni survey data available shows after five years of employment most have doubled their starting salary.
If you enjoy working in a fast paced, deadline driven industry that is always utilizing the latest computer hardware and software, working with people and have good communication skills come by BUS 120 and check us out. Professor Klarecki and Professor Conati would love to talk to you about your unique situation and how that might fit into the Graphic Media industry. Visithttp://www.ferris.edu/business/programs/graphic-management to learn more about the program.