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Student Spotlight: Ethan Henderson, Risk Management and Insurance

The Ferris State University College of Business is home to a well-known Risk Management and Insurance program. The program emphasizes insurance law, property and casualty, employee benefits, and personal insurance. There are plenty of internships and jobs in this field for students.

Ethan Henderson, a current Risk Management and Insurance student, accepted his first job with two months till graduation. When Ethan began his journey at Ferris State, he wasn’t sure what type of studies he wanted to pursue. He knew his biggest strength was math. After spending two years as a finance major, and a short time in business management, Ferris State brought back their well-known Risk Management and Insurance major and he instantly declared that as his minor.

“My experience in this program has been a blessing to say the least. About three weeks after entering the program there was an internship opportunity brought to my attention to work for State Farm here in Big Rapids. I interviewed and accepted the position as a sales representative a week later. Through that internship I studied and got my property, casualty, life, accident, and health producer’s licenses as well as became bank certified.”

Ethan enjoyed his courses in the program because they focuses on real life situations. Each of his classes aligned with what he was learning to obtain his licenses. His professors all had experience in the industry and gave him an in depth insight on what to expect after graduation. He has been employed at State Farm since his junior year.

His job search began in January 2014. After sending out resumes to several places, he heard back from three different companies within the first month and had phone interviews with all three. Two of those called him back for final interviews. Ethan was offered his dream job as a commercial underwriter in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was then offered a position in Farmington Hill as a commercial underwriter.

 “I couldn’t believe it, here I was worried about finding a job, and two months before graduation I have two offers to pick from? Both companies expressed their interest in me, saying they wanted to make early offers because someone with a degree in insurance and two years in the industry while attending school wasn’t going to last on on the market.”

Ethan accepted the job with Farmington Hills as a commercial underwriter, he starts in June. After three months of training, he is relocating to Minneapolis. You can learn more about Ferris State University’s Risk Management and Insurance Program here: http://www.ferris.edu/business/programs/insurance-management


Program Spotlight: Risk Management and Insurance

Risk Management and Insurance has a rich history at Ferris State University. There are numerous Ferris graduates who have gone on to enjoy successful careers in positions such as CEOs of major insurance companies, owners of large insurance agencies, underwriters, actuaries, and claim adjusters, just to name a few. Those same career opportunities still exist today. The insurance industry has existed for hundreds of years, it touches every aspect of our lives and our economy, and job growth is projected to be strong. There are reports that the industry will need to replace as many as 400,000 baby boomer retirees by 2020. The reinvigorated Ferris Risk Management and Insurance program stands ready to prepare students for a rewarding career in this steadfast industry.

At Ferris, you will learn the fundamentals of the various types of insurance including home, auto, liability, life, property, and a range of commercial insurance products. But it’s not just about learning insurance coverages, because you will also explore how insurance companies, agencies, and brokers operate. You will examine the discipline of risk management and how it fits with insurance. Ferris students actually get a head start on earning industry professional designations, and also have the opportunity to develop an area of emphasis that fits unique interests such as effectively using industry technology, business analytics, or even entrepreneurship. Then the fun really begins. Ferris students have practical internship opportunities, and the chance to attend industry events such as the Risk and Insurance Management Society’s Annual Conference where they can expand their knowledge and make valuable industry connections.

There’s more to the risk management and insurance industry than meets the eye. There are jobs and career paths for virtually any type of business interest – even if you don’t want to sell, and the prospects for a rewarding career have rarely been better. Now is the time, and Ferris is the place. Explore Risk Management and Insurance today.

-David Brown, Assistant Professor at Ferris State University 


For more information about the program visit: http://www.ferris.edu/business/programs/insurance-management